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CAMERA 3rd Mobility Report is now available!

Want to know what is the state of mobility research in Europe? CAMERA has been working hard in the last three years to assess whether EU-funded research initiatives are on the right path to reach the long-term goals for the mobility sector in Europe. Are you curious about the results? Don’t miss CAMERA 3rd Mobility Report! Take a look at CAMERA Products and download it!
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CAMERA Final Dissemination Event – October 21 2021


On September 21 2021, CAMERA held its Final Dissemination Event as an open, online event.

During CAMERA Final Dissemination Event, the project partners took turn in showcasing the project’s objective, methodology and main challenges, as well as its final results. The event was divided in three main sessions, including a roundtable panel discussion, featuring panelists from key relevant stakeholders of transport industry, experts and European Commission representatives.

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3rd CAMERA Workshop | Exploring the Main Mobility Research Gaps in Europe – June 17 2021


On June 17 2021, CAMERA held its 3rd Workshop with the title “Exploring the Main Mobility Research Gaps in Europe”. The workshop was an open online event.

The workshop objective was to present the results of CAMERA Mobility Report and validate its methodology based on Artificial Intelligence techniques (Natural Language Processing algorithms). Relevant transport stakeholders and specialists were invited to attend the workshop, together with members of relevant European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs).

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On the 22nd of June 2020, CAMERA co-organised the TRA 2020 virtual session entitled “How far is Europe from the mobility goals envisioned for the future?”.

The goal of this session was to foster a discussion on whether EU research is on the right trajectory to reach its long-term goals in the mobility sector. Co-organised by the three Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) CAMERA, OPTICS2 and RINGO, it was a success of audience, with more than 60 participants that kept discussing way beyond the planned end of the session.

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***** IMPORTANT UPDATE (03/03/2020) *****

Because of the current Covid-19 outbreak, the ART Workshop on “Passenger-centred Mobility” originally planned for April has been postponed. CAMERA 3rd Workshop was held online during the Agency Research Team (ART) workshop on passenger-centred mobility, organised by Eurocontrol on June 14 – 17, 2021.


(02/2020) The EUROCONTROL Agency Research Team (ART) is coordinating a Workshop dedicated to the topic of ‘Passenger-centred Mobility’. This event will gather the communities of ART, ACARE Working Group 1, the European Transport and Mobility Forum and the CAMERA project. These four entities have different yet complementing views and interests in the topic and therefore it will be a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas in a fruitful environment.

The workshop was originally meant to take place at Villa Doria d’Angri in Naples, Italy, on April 1st and 2nd 2020, hosted by Università degli Studi di Napoli – PARTHENOPE and supported by ISSNOVA. Due to COVID19 pandemic, the workshop has been postponed. Instead, it was held during the Eurocontrol’s ART workshop on passenger-centred mobility on June 14-17, 2021.

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A data-driven approach to Mobility Assessment

The objective of the second CAMERA workshop is to present the results of the 1st CAMERA Mobility Report (MR1) and take advantage of the informed opinions of transport stakeholders and experts to validate the MR1 methodology based on Artificial Intelligence techniques (Natural Language Processing algorithms).
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CAMERA co-organises a session of the 2019 Aerodays, which take place in Bucharest on the 27-30 May. The session is benefitting from the participation of seven Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) funded under the same topic of European mobility and aims to find synergies among them and learn from other’s experience in the projects assessment.


The aims of the workshop are to acquire feedback from experts from different mobility sectors on the development of a strategic roadmap for the European transport system (Mobility4EU Action Plan) and to discuss the research requirements, gaps, and bottlenecks shown up by this roadmap (Progress towards EU mobility goals).

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