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Are EU research and initiatives on the right trajectory to reach long-term goals in the (air) mobility sector? How far is Europe from the mobility goals envisioned for the future? How can synergies with other transport domains be fostered? These are some of the questions that the CAMERA (Coordination and support Action for Mobility in Europe: Research and Assessment) project will address in the next few years.


This will be done thanks to an innovative methodology specifically designed for CAMERA that combines top-down (structured benchmark analysis of past and ongoing mobility related activities) and bottom-up (separate consultations with stakeholders) approaches.
CAMERA will quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the air-mobility research activities undertaken over the last decade; define a set of common challenges for the different transport domains; identify the current and future gaps and innovation bottlenecks in the context of the mobility goals; and formulate appropriate best practices and methodological guidelines for an integrated and multimodal transport system.



16.04.21. CAMERA at the Passenger-centred mobility Workshop 17/06/2021

The Passenger-centred mobility workshop, jointly organized by EUROCONTROL, ACARE, ISSNOVA, CAMERA and the ETM Forum, was planned to take place on 1st and 2nd April 2020 in beautiful Naples. Everything was planned when were forced to postpone it due to the COVID pandemics. Waiting and crossing fingers did not suffice and we are now setting up a virtual workshop.

The Passenger-centred mobility workshop on 14th – 17th June 2021 will take place on Zoom and will consist of four 90-120 minutes sessions on four consecutive afternoons. The sessions will be:

  • 14thJune p.m.: Mobility Goals and Research across Transport Modes, organized by ACARE WG1
  • 15thJune p.m.: Mobility Performance Assessment from a Network and Passenger Perspective, organized by EUROCONTROL
  • 16thJune p.m.: Multimodality Research in Europe, organized by ISSNOVA
  • 17thJune p.m.: Workshop “Exploring the Main Mobility Research Gaps in Europe”, organized by H2020 Project CAMERA

Please mark your agendas; a registration link will be sent about one month prior to the event

12.04.2021. Analysing through unsupervised automated Natural Language Processing a set of 926 mobility-relevant EU project CAMERA identified the nine most common research topics that is Green aircraft technologies of the future, Novel concepts in mobility, Security system in transport and mobility (topic that received the highest financial contribution), Intelligent machines and automation in transport (topic with less financial contribution), Green urban mobility technologies, Air traffic Management (ATM), Transport models harnessing the power of data, Multimodal transport networks for both passengers and freight, High-level strategies for transport innovation. These are included in CAMERA Third Mobility Report that will be available on our website very soon!

25.03.21. Want to know what is the state of mobility research in Europe? CAMERA has been working hard in the last three years to assess whether EU-funded research initiatives are on the right path to reach the long-term goals for the mobility sector in Europe. Are you curious about the results? Don’t miss CAMERA third mobility report that will be published in the following weeks!  And register to CAMERA’s newsletter in order to be always informed about the news related to the project!!

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22.06.2020. “How far is Europe from the mobility goals envisioned for the future?”, the virtual invited session of the TRA 2020 conference co-organised by CAMERA together with the two CSAs OPTICS2 and RINGO was a success! Thanks to all participants!

03.03.2020. The Workshop on “Passenger-centered mobility” co-organised by ART, CAMERA, EMT, and ACARE WG1 originally programmed in April has been postponed. The new dates will be announced soon.

28.02.2020. CAMERA’s partners are currently finishing writing the second Mobility Report on the state of European mobility research. The publication is expected soon!

13.02.2020. How do you apply Natural Language Processing techniques to assess the state of European research on mobility? Find the answer here!

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